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Centennial Park Master Plan


We are planning to redesign Centennial Park for our growing community.

Park ImageLocated in the downtown core of the community of Fort St. John, Centennial Park is the premier park and gathering place for locals and visitors. The park hosts the City’s largest annual events: Canada Day, Santa Clause Parade and the High on Ice Winterfest. During summer and autumn, it acts as a weekly outdoor marketplace for the Fort St. John Farmers’ Market and is the location for Movies in the Park. Centennial Park currently includes grassed open space, a mixture of trees and shrubs, a playground, a skate park, a volleyball court, gathering spaces, a spray park, a formal garden, honorary monuments, benches, picnic tables, trails, sidewalks, access roads, parking and vacant land. Providing a diverse range of amenities, it is a destination for all ages in the community.

Directly adjacent to Centennial Park are the communities main recreation facilities including the North Peace Arena, Kids Arena Fieldhouse, Fort St. John Curling Club, Pomeroy Sport Centre (which also houses the Visitor Centre and School District No. 60’s Energetic Learning Campus), the shared Peace River Regional District North Peace Leisure Pool and the Rotary Spray Park. The Fort St. John Museum, an anchor of history and culture, is immediately to the south; and the downtown, the hub of arts, culture, local shops and restaurants is immediately to the north. Sidewalks and trails link Centennial Park to many more community features beyond those described.

In 2016, during the Park and Recreation Master Plan consultation and workshops, we gathered public input and  learned that residents value Centennial Park as a large community park, however opportunities for improvement were identified. The Centennial Park Redesign (Master Plan) project will further engage residents and stakeholders in determining the ultimate usage of the park and provide a design that reflects the needs of the growing community.

So far...

August 11 the online survey closed. The results of the survey and feedback will be used by the landscape architects to develop the final draft park design.

July 27 we launched an online survey to gather feedback on the 3 parks concepts.

July 26 we hosted two Public Open Houses at the Pomeroy Sport Centre to present 3 concepts for the new park layout.


July 1 we heard great feedback from you in our Canada Day booth in Centennial Park. Here are some pictures!

Where are we at?

At the July 26 public open houses, City staff and the landscape architects from IBI presented you with 3 draft concepts of what our park could look like. If you missed these meetings you can click here to see the presentation in PDF format.

From July 27-August 11 we collected online survey responses on the 3 draft park concepts which will be used by the landscape architects to fine tune the 3 options into a final design concept. Stay tuned for your next opportunity to participate in the redesign of Centennial Park.

Centennial Park Master Plan: