The City is updating & sharing information about the bylaw - What's the bylaw about? What's being updated? Find out more & share your feedback.

What’s the Development Approval Procedures Bylaw about?

The Development Approval Procedures Bylaw outlines the overall procedures for planning-related applications for:

  • Official Community Plan and Zoning Amendments
  • Temporary Use Permits
  • Development Variance Permits
  • Development Area Permits
  • Subdivision

The Bylaw is important for land owners who apply for one of these applications above.

What procedures does the Bylaw include?

  • Procedures for how a land owner may apply for an amendment, apply for a permit, or appeal to the Board of Variance.
  • Procedures for submitting forms, pre-application meetings, professional services.
  • General procedures for referrals, development approval information, public open house, public notifications, reconsideration of decisions, delegation, permit security, renewal, extension, expiry, re-application.
  • Procedures for how, and how much, security deposits for landscaping, remediation and Temporary Use Permit performance are collected, held and released.

The Bylaw does not relate to procedures for the Building Bylaw, construction and subdivision servicing standards, zoning regulations, or business licensing.

The Update

Why is the Bylaw being updated?

A Development Services review was completed in 2016 which recommended actions. The update addresses the following recommendations from this review:

  • Providing clear and consistent procedures for all department-related applications
  • Improved communication between staff and applicants
  • Enhancing the department’s customer service practices
  • Review of key bylaws used by the Development Department

The last update to this bylaw was in 2009 and since then there have been changes to legislation and related bylaws such as the Official Community Plan and Zoning, which have not been incorporated.

The Local Government Act is provincial legislation that outlines required elements in the bylaw so that procedures are clear and consistent.

The Official Community Plan and Zoning Bylaws are connected with this bylaw so that development occurs according to the community’s vision for future growth.

The aim for the update is to:

  • Follow provincial legislation and City bylaws
  • Improve communication between staff and applicants
  • Provide clearly described procedures
  • Support and improve timeliness of processing applications

What is being updated?

  • Definitions
  • Requirements for applications
  • Pre-application meetings
  • Referral process and timing
  • Development Approval Information
  • Public notifications, types, timing
  • Security deposits for Development Area Permits & Temporary Use Permits
  • Renewal, extension, closure, and lapse of applications
  • Legal fees

Where Are We At?

Staff have prepared a draft bylaw based on research, review and legislation.  The next step is to collect feedback on the proposed changes.

Through a series of Information Sessions in October, Development Services staff will be sharing information about the bylaw and the update.  Staff will be available at these sessions to answer questions about the Bylaw and collect feedback on the proposed changes.

The same information will be displayed at all 3 sessions.

Information Sessions will be held at the Pomeroy Sports Centre, first floor meeting room.

  • Tuesday October 17, 4:30 – 7:30 pm
  • Thursday October 19, 4:30 – 7:30 pm
  • Saturday October 21, 12:00 – 3:00 pm

You can also check out the Community Calendar for dates and locations.

If you can’t make it to one of the information sessions, or for information please contact Planning Manager Renee Jamurat via email at rjamurat@fortstjohn.ca, or phone (250) 787-8150.

Next Steps?

Once feedback is collected in October, staff will make final revisions to the draft Development Approval Procedures Bylaw and present it to Council for consideration and adoption.

Further work is underway  to update application forms and develop new user-friendly guides and checklists to assist applicants with the various application processes. Please check back on the City’s Planning page for these reference materials as they are completed over the next 12 months.

For information contact the Development Department at developmentservices@fortstjohn.ca, or phone (250) 787-8150.

Draft Bylaw & Related Info

Draft Bylaw

A copy of the draft Development Approval Procedures Bylaw is here.

A copy of the draft Bylaw with notes of what’s new and changed is here.

Related Information

Link to the current Development Approval Procedures Bylaw #2018, 2009 is here.

Link to the Planning page for current planning-related bylaws (OCP, Zoning), application forms, and guides.

Link to the February 27, 2017 agenda for the Administration Report #0003/17 and presentation of the proposed bylaw is here.

Development Procedures Bylaw: