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Fort St. John Official Community Plan


Our Vision Our Future. The City of Fort St. John is updating its Official Community Plan


The City is inviting citizens to participate in the creation of a community vision to guide decision-making for the future – a document called the Official Community Plan or OCP.  Throughout the year the City will be asking for citizens’ participation to help inform Fort St. John’s vision by telling us what you like about our existing OCP and what you would like to see moving forward.

“Fort St John’s Official Community Plan is the vision for the community that we, as citizens of the community, seek to create. As we go through the process of developing our OCP, it is essential that your voice is heard on what you want to preserve, enhance, change or improve.” – Mayor Lori Ackerman.

What is an Official Community Plan?

An Official Community Plan is the highest level policy document – it informs and guides how the community grows for the next 15+ years.

The Official Community Plan should be a visionary and future oriented document that answers:

What do we want our community to be in the future?

How are we going to get there?

Why is it Important?

The current Official Community Plan was adopted in 2011. Since that time, a lot has happened in Fort St. John, including implementing of a variety of new master plans, strategies and other policies.

When complete, the new Official Community Plan will provide a clear guide for Council, City staff, community members, developers, government agencies, industries, businesses and other stakeholders to shape Fort St. John as it grows into the future towards 2030.

How to Get Involved?

The City is providing a number of opportunities for people to participate in the process – some of which include: “Let’s Talk – Community Engagement” social media, workshops, World Cafes, booths at community events and surveys. You can find the event listing and all of the information on the project here on the “Let’s Talk – Community Engagement” site, in the City’s Community Calendar, or below.

So far...

Phase 2: Community Engagement – Visioning

June 14 to 16: World Cafes at Whole Wheat and Honey – Complete.

Community Event Booths, Graffiti Walls, Visioning Sessions, Surveys – Complete.

Phase 3: Drafting of the Official Community Plan

Phase 3 was work to draft the Official Community Plan document and mapping. This phase was completed in 2016 and involved updates at Council meetings in 2016, and workshops with Council in order to help inform key areas of the draft OCP document.

Phase 4: Community Engagement – Draft Official Community Plan

In Phase 4, community engagement was held to get input on the draft Official Community Plan document and mapping, at various events throughout the Fall of 2016. The first of these events included sharing an update on the work completed at the MOOSE FM Block Party on September 10th, 2016.

Highlights from the OCP Visioning Summary Report

The Summary Report captures all the input heard from the community through the various community engagement activities held in June and early July of 2016.

Thank you to everyone who participated in our engagement activities! Over 120 surveys have been completed to-date; 7 Graffiti Wall Stations, 3 World Cafes, 3 days of Stakeholder Visioning Sessions, a Council Workshop and an engagement booth at the Canada Day festivities at Centennial Park.

Four overarching themes emerged from this visioning phase which includes:  Quality of Life; Balance; Diversity; and Implementation. Check out the full Summary Report for more information.

Where are we at?

Phase 5: Finalizing the Official Community Plan

The project is currently in Phase 5 – finalizing the Official Community Plan document and mapping. This phase has been underway since October 2016. This phase includes work such as a final review of the draft by the OCP team and a legal review of the draft document.  Following this stage, it will then be ready to share with the community before being presented for bylaw adoption.  (Phase 6).

Next steps?

Phase 6: Community Roll-out and Adoption Process

In Phase 6, the draft Official Community Plan document and mapping will be ready to share with the community before being presented for bylaw adoption.

Be sure to check out the Community Calendar for upcoming events as part of this phase 6 community roll-out of the draft Official Community Plan.

Send questions to staff via email to ocp@fortstjohn.ca, post in the Discussions section (above right), or phone Renee Jamurat, Planning Manager at (250) 787-8150.  ‘Like us’ on the City’s Facebook page or @fortstjohn on Twitter to stay up to date on this process.

For more information, please check out the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) sheet.

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