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Community Services Review

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An opportunity to review the services and fees within the City Recreation, Arts & Culture, and Parks Departments and to make recommendations for the future.

Online Survey Reopened

(available until November 6)

Are you a user of Forth St. John’s Ice Rinks, Outdoor and Indoor public facilities, Arts and Culture spaces, or the North Peace Leisure Pool? Your feedback matters! We invite you to participate in a survey that will help us better understand the value you receive from the community services and facilities you use. Take 5-10 minutes to complete the survey by clicking the button below or at: https://questionnaire.simplesurvey.com/f/s.aspx?s=efa93d62-c564-436a-9ec9-c38f11d28383

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Background & Scope

The City of Fort St John issued an RFP for a service delivery review (SDR) on the Community Services division, to update the Community Services Fees and Charges Bylaw No. 2460, 2019 and, to develop an implementation plan based on the recommendations made as part of the project.  MNP has been awarded the contract to conduct the SDR.

A Service Delivery Review is an evaluation process in which the systemic review of a specific municipal service(s) determines whether that particular service is needed; if so, at what level the service is needed based on several criteria (legally, economically, or for the benefit of the service to the community); and the most appropriate, responsive, effective and efficient way to provide that service now and into the future.

A Service Delivery Review involves asking the following questions about service and cost management:

  • Does the municipality need to provide this service/business?
  • What do citizens expect of the service and what outcomes does Council want for the service?
  • Are there areas that require new or enhanced service?
  • What are the full costs and benefits of the service?
  • What are the alternative ways of delivering the service?

The project has 3 distinct phases.

  1. The first phase will focus on an evaluation of the services and service delivery methods.
  2. The second phase will review the current Community Services Fees and Charges Bylaw No. 2460, 2019 and make recommendations to update the bylaw.
  3. The third phase will outline a plan and will include the development of the necessary tools to implement and monitor the recommendations of the SDR and Fees and Charges review.