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Economic Development


Creating an Economic Development Strategy for the City of Fort St. John’s residents and businesses to step into an ambitious future.

  1. What if we could achieve the exceptional as a community?
  2. What kind of community do we want to leave behind for our children and grandchildren?
  3. How do we create the transformative in our plans that help get us to our aspirational horizon line?

The City of Fort St. John is creating an Economic Development Strategy that aims to answer these questions.

Great things have been happening in Fort St. John. But the global, national, and provincial economy continues to evolve and innovate.

We have a generational opportunity! Economic Development Strategies speak the language of job creation, workforce attraction, and workforce retention – the heartbeat of community vibrancy! But they also speak the language of broader community development and the joy we seek in life well-lived; from placemaking to downtown vibrancy to housing choice and affordability.

Economic development strategies specifically focus on new ways forward for:

  • Investment Attraction (further sector development of our “big four” – oil and gas, construction, utilities, forestry – that generate high quality jobs and have high multiplier effects that benefits all)
  • Business Retention & Expansion (supporting existing business in their growth plans)
  • Destination Development (tourism infrastructure development)
  • Marketing (job-creation focused salesmanship)

We can embrace big ideas about the future in an Economic Development Strategy. We also need to focus on identification of pragmatic actions that generate progress toward our vision of the future.

The Economic Development Strategy is anticipated to be complete in early 2023.

The Economic Development Strategy directly supports City of Fort St. John policies, including key goals of the 2018-2023 Strategic Plan, the Official Community Plan. and the Social and Economic Development Framework, completed in 2020.


Get Involved

Community Survey

A community survey will be available mid-November.

Stakeholder Workshop

Are you interested in attending the stakeholder workshop and providing your input? Email economicdevelopment@fortstjohn.ca for the workshop details.