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Housing Needs

Project Overview

We’re developing a Housing Needs Report as part of a Provincial initiative that will allow the City of Fort St. John to better understand the current and future housing needs in our community.

This project is broken into two parts, a Housing Needs Assessment Report that looks to understand the current housing situation, which will inform the second section, a Housing Strategy. As a community, access to affordable and a range of housing options is imperative to ensure we all thrive.

Through the development of the Housing Needs Report, we can increase awareness and understanding of current and anticipated housing needs across the housing continuum from emergency shelters to market rental and home ownership. This understanding will support the City as we develop and update plans, guidelines and policies, and make informed decisions about existing and future development.

Results from the Housing Needs Assessment, engagement with residents and stakeholders, and a review of best practices will then inform the development of a Housing Strategy. The Strategy will be used by the City to identify priorities, actions and partnerships to address the current and future housing needs of Fort St. John residents.

We need to hear from you on what you need, how you’ve been affected and what ideas you have on improving the housing situation in Fort St. John.




What is a Housing Needs Assessment?

The Housing Needs Assessment Report will help the City understand the current housing situation. The Housing Needs Assessment Report will look at:

  • The current housing market situation in the region, including:
    • demographics
    • current supply and demand
    • condition of existing housing
    • assessed and sale prices
    • rental vacancy rates
  • What gaps exist in the housing market and opportunities to fill those needs
  • The existing housing situation and gaps
  • Future housing need

Current and future housing needs, gaps and future priorities will be explored across the full housing continuum.

Housing continuum graphic.

What is a Housing Strategy?

The Housing Strategy will build on the Housing Needs Assessment to look at policies and actions that will help the City create and maintain an affordable, safe and suitable supply of housing. The Housing Strategy will:

  • Determine the affordable housing shortfall, prioritize needs and define the key housing issues;
  • Build on previous efforts and existing housing data to create recommendations;
  • Include policies, strategies and approaches to address housing affordability issues;
  • Explore opportunities for partnerships and confirm specific roles of key stakeholders and agencies; and
  • Recommend an implementation plan with short- and long-term goals and performance indicators to measure success.






Get Involved

Housing Strategy – Complete!

The Housing Strategy is now complete!   The Strategy was endorsed at the January 11, 2021 Regular Council Meeting.

Thank you to all of our stakeholders and community members for your discussions and input.  The Housing Strategy is available on the City’s website in the Documents Library.

Frequently Asked Questions and Definitions

Interested in some commonly used housing terms? Check out a list of terms below, which will be updated throughout the project.
Frequently Asked Questions and Definitions

In June 2020, we gathered input on what residents are currently experiencing related to housing, and ideas you have to address identified housing needs. Using this feedback, and gathering and analyzing information and data from a variety of sources, we have prepared a Housing Needs Assessment and draft Housing Strategy. We now want to share with you, key findings from the Housing Needs Assessment and the initial vision and strategies for the draft Housing Strategy.

Starting September 28, 2020, you will have opportunities to share your thoughts on the findings of the housing needs assessment and initial strategies for the draft housing strategy. In-person community input sessions will be held on October 7, 2020, and an online survey will be available from September 28 to October 12, 2020.

Community Input Sessions – Closed

October 7, 2020 | 4 pm to 8 pm (every 30 minutes)
Pomeroy Sport Centre (9324 96 Street, Fort St. John), West First Floor Meeting Room

Register here to choose a session.

*Please note: To ensure this event complies with all Provincial Health Orders and regulations, and the City of Fort St. John’s COVID-19 Safety Plan, sessions will occur every 30 minutes and will be limited to 15 people. In between sessions, enhanced sanitization and cleaning protocols will be completed.

Online Survey – Closed

Share your feedback by completing the online survey in the link below, available from September 28 to October 12, 2020.

Fort St. John Housing – Community Survey

Phase 1 Engagement – Closed

Starting June 8, 2020, you will have opportunities to share your ideas through an online survey and community workbook. The deadline for feedback is extended to July 1, 2020.

Community Survey

Community Workbook-Fillable

You can send us your completed workbook in the following ways:

  • Drop off at City Hall or Beaton Building (Planning and Engineering Department)
  • By mail to City Hall, 10631 100 Street, Fort St. John, BC V1J3Z5
  • Scan and email to rjamurat@fortstjohn.ca