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Industrial Land Strategy

Project Overview

Industrial lands are essential to supporting a strong and vibrant local economy, we are in the process of identifying opportunities for future industrial growth.

This project aligns with the City’s Strategic Plan, Goal # 1: to enhance community economic development to provide opportunities and sustainability, once completed the strategy will support a 5-year economic development strategy.

The Industrial Land Study is separated into three phases:

  1. Supply review – developing a detailed understanding of the industrial land supply, including types, locations, and levels of usability
  2. Potential modelling – a geographic modelling exercise to identify the best areas in town for different types of industrial land.
  3. Demand analysis – a projection of future industrial land demand, by type

Currently, we are in Phase 1, the City will be sending out surveys to businesses zoned light and heavy industrial. These responses will help us to identify the operational opportunities and constraints for industrial businesses in Fort St. John today.

What is an Industrial Land Strategy?

The Purpose of the Industrial Land Strategy is to help Fort St. John increase its supply of industrial land to accommodate future development such that it does not become a barrier to growth.

  • More Land Capacity: The City is reportedly quickly running out of vacant and underutilized lands for heavy industrial uses within the municipal boundary. New heavy industrial lands are required to support business expansion, business attraction, and tax base diversification.
  • A New Approach: The City wants to do industrial development differently, setting an example for other northern cities with resource-driven economies. Specifically, the desire is to locate and develop industrial lands in a way that allows for maximum utilization of all energy inputs and outputs.

Why it matters?

The goal is to generate growth, employment and investment opportunities through community economic development strategies that reflect the unique character and resources of our community and region.

We believe it is important to ensure our community is a well-planned and regulated community that provides for managed growth and development.

Get Involved

The City has sent surveys to businesses zoned light and heavy industrial. If you are a business operating on or property owner of light or heavy industrial lands and didn’t receive a letter with the survey link, please contact Jennifer Decker, Manager of Economic Development at jdecker@fortstjohn.ca or 250-787-8150.