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Neighbourhood Plans

Project Overview

We are continuing from the Official Community Plan with neighbourhood planning for two areas in the City: ‘East 86th Street’ and ‘Swanson Lumber Road’.

What is a Neighbourhood Plan?

A Neighbourhood Plan is a secondary land use plan that supplements the Official Community Plan, and once completed, becomes part of the City’s Official Community Plan through an amendment. For more information on what is in the City’s Official Community Plan, visit the City’s website www.fortstjohn.ca/EN/main/community/community-planning.html.

Neighbourhood Plans are designed to be building blocks that provide high-level guidance and direction on a variety of topics including land use, urban design, housing, transportation, services, parks and recreation, and community facilities. They are also long-term visionary plans like an Official Community Plan but on a neighbourhood level.

Why do we need Neighbourhood Plans?

Neighbourhood Plans help identify the various elements of a neighbourhood in a new area, including where new development will go, what types of land uses will be developed, what services are needed, where green spaces and parks should go, and how people will move around. Neighbourhood Plans also provide a vision for the area and guides Council’s decision making with regards to that area.

Does Fort St. John already have Neighbourhood Plans?

Yes, the City of Fort St. John does have existing Neighbourhood Plans, including the Downtown Action Plan, the Parkwood Southlands Plan, and the Greenridge Heights Neighbourhood Plan.

Who creates the Neighbourhood Plan?

Everyone helps create the Neighbourhood Plan. The City creates the final Neighbourhood Plan with input and direction from everyone in our community.

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Process & Timeline

How does the Neighbourhood Plan work with an Official Community Plan?

The Neighbourhood Plan supports the Official Community Plan with more detailed policies so that both documents align with the broader goals and objectives of the community, as well as address the specific needs and desires of the unique neighbourhood.

The Official Community Plan (OCP) identified areas that need further planning called ‘Urban Development Areas’.  The City’s work in 2020 will be to create Neighbourhood Plans for two Urban Development Areas: ‘East 86th Street’ and ‘Swanson Lumber Road’.  These areas are found in the OCP Bylaw land use map.

How will the Neighbourhood Plan be developed?

All the information is gathered through surveys, public workshops and conversations. A draft will be created that captures the vision of the neighbourhood, which will then be presented to Council for their feedback. Once the final version is complete it will be approved by Council at a public meeting and it gets incorporated into the Official Community Plan.

What is the Neighbourhood Planning Process?

The Neighbourhood Planning process is very similar to the process used to develop the City’s new Official Community Plan. For the Neighbourhood Plans being developed in 2020, a community survey and community engagement will occur, providing opportunities for citizen input into the development of these plans. Once draft Neighbourhood Plans are developed, the community will have another opportunity to provide comments and input on the draft Neighbourhood Plans before they are finalized. Once the Neighbourhood Plans are finalized, they will be amended to become part of the Official Community Plan.


Get Involved

You can participate in the neighbourhood planning for one or both of these areas. Here’s how:

Fill out a Community Survey
We would love to hear what you think should be part of the Neighbourhood Plans! Complete the short survey.

Attend a World Café – Delayed dates due to COVID-19

The schedule world café events at the end of the month will be rescheduled to a future date. The new date and time will be posted here on this page.  We apologize for the inconvenience and encourage community members to practice safe distancing and please be safe.